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My Story

Greetings! I am Dr. Abhishek Pasari, a dedicated Clinical Psychologist, Life Coach, and the proud founder of My Shishu, a pioneering parent-tech platform. My journey in the realms of psychology and coaching began with a simple yet profound belief — that every individual holds the power to shape their destiny. My passion for understanding the intricate facets of the human mind led me to pursue a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Over the years, I've immersed myself in the study of human behavior, unlocking the secrets of well-being and personal growth.

The evolution of my career has seen me wear multiple hats — from delving into clinical practice to authoring insightful books on parenting. My commitment extends beyond the individual to the sacred space of families, where my expertise in Pregnancy, Parenting, and Life Relationship Coaching comes to life. Through My Shishu, I aim to empower parents with knowledge, support, and a community that fosters growth. 

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"You either take control of your love life or it takes control of you. It’s that simple."

My Mission

Embarking on a mission fueled by passion and purpose, I am committed to illuminating the pathways to personal growth and familial harmony. As a Clinical Psychologist and Life Coach, my mission is to guide individuals towards self-discovery, resilience, and a holistic sense of well-being. I envision a world where every person has the tools and insights to navigate life's challenges with grace and purpose.

At the heart of my mission is a dedication to transforming the landscape of parenthood. Through My Shishu, my goal is to create a supportive ecosystem for parents, where knowledge meets compassion, and where the journey of raising a child becomes a joyous exploration rather than a daunting task. Together, let's rewrite the narrative of mental health, parenting, and human connection. Join me in this transformative expedition, where we embrace the power of the mind and the beauty of life's most profound relationships.

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